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This guy has been kicking around for a few months just looking for an excuse to see the light of day.

Rainy Winter Day

Words won’t come in winter,
when gray lies heavy over the snowless land.
Words won’t come from the muddy pools
set to rippling by big rain drops,
nor from the roads, slick and shiny
in the beams of car headlights.
Nevertheless, with strain they are pulled out
to bud like spring blossoms,
bathed in a false scent of May grass.
They are unnatural,
in this unlikely January thaw,
hanging limply from chapped lips.
Instead of opening, the words retreat,
becoming April’s,
until they are choked and fall to the ground,
unborn in the new cold of the same winter.
One must have a mind of granite
to draw the words out of the rocks
and the frosted blades of grass and
the parking lot asphalt cracks,
to divine their absence as something good,
in itself, beautiful.

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