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When I was younger and a little bit dumber, I thought that I would never get warts. How wrong I was.

My first wart sprang up roughly two years ago, and now I have five (FIVE!) warts. For a long while, I adhered to the ever-comforting, old-wifely advice that these unsightly blights would eventually go away on their own, just flutter into the night like dandelion seeds. They haven’t. In fact, they’ve only grown bigger and bigger, and likely stronger, over time. Well, I got fed up. I decided to throw caution and the tales of old wives and the facts of so-called doctors to the wind.

So, after reading a number of dubious Internet sources espousing DIY wart removal, and having tried a patchwork of these methods myself, I’m delighted to share with you my own, highly scientific approach to wart destruction. (more…)

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